Record cucine
GENERAL INFORMATION STYLE: Retro with Modern LOCATION: Veneto, Italy SINCE: 1968 Link: Record cucine 40 years of history marked by the desire to preserve and enhance the best Italian-made quality. Time, experience and enthusiasm have enabled us to upgrade, innovate and look to the future, to evolving markets and the…
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GENERAL INFORMATION STYLE: Retro with Modern LOCATION: Santo Tirso, Portugal SINCE: 1968 Link: Myface Inspired by the simple things in life such as the warmth of the morning sun, the music that kickstarts the day, the outfit that makes us feel powerful – experiences that provide us daily happiness. Myface…
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Line Gianser
GENERAL INFORMATION STYLE: MODERN LOCATION: Como, Italy SINCE: 1960 Link: Line Gianser LineGianser Sas dei F.lli Pozzoli is an Italian family factory located in the Como region, founded in the 1960s. They specialize in producing high-quality custom-made furniture using natural veneer. Their range includes a wide selection of finishes, offering…
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Rossana cucine
GENERAL INFORMATION STYLE: High tech LOCATION: San Marino, Italy SINCE: 1953 Link: Rossana cucine Rossana’s history is unique among high-end kitchen manufacturers; sixty years in the relentless pursuit of a dream. Not all brands are so close to design quality in the collective consciousness. Its strength is not exclusively limited…
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GENERAL INFORMATION STYLE: Classic with Modern LOCATION: Lissone, Italy SINCE: 1968 Link: Vibieffe Craftsmanship and expertise are essential in Vibieffe Factory; every sofa, bed and accessory, down to the smallest and refined detail is “Made in Italy”. Tradition marries innovation in a globally appreciated liaison. The exclusive research of “Made…
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