STYLE: Classic with Modern
LOCATION: Lissone, Italy
SINCE: 1968


Craftsmanship and expertise are essential in Vibieffe Factory; every sofa, bed and accessory, down to the smallest and refined detail is “Made in Italy”. Tradition marries innovation in a globally appreciated liaison. The exclusive research of “Made in Italy” materials, fabrics and leather is an essential feature for Vibieffe and this is highly regarded in the most innovative and international markets. In Vibieffe Factory the manufacturing process combines modernity and technological development with customization and craftsmanship to bring refined emotions to customers all over the world. Vibieffe upholstery and fabrics complete and give a soul to every product. A careful selection of Italian leathers offers unique choices for dreamlike sofas, armchairs and accessories. The selection of wood, marble and all available finishes for our accessories allow to customize the living room and the bedroom according to the most sophisticated tastes and needs.
Vibieffe, over 50 years of emotions
In 1968 Italo Buccella conceived Vibieffe
Elegance, comfort and aesthetic sense became essential in new generations’ homes.
Since 1968 our successful story has been described through the emotion of a working tradition and passion for design, elegance and comfort. Our brand has always been innovative and projected towards the future. When Italo set up Vibieffe he was aware that people’s taste and consumption were changing: furniture and interior started to define new lifestyles.
Today Vibieffe is a brand that expresses fineness, elegance and Italian style all over the world. The collaboration with Designer Gianluigi Landoni, who is currently designing Vibieffe collections and spaces, aims at developing furnishing solutions for the whole house. Sofas, armchairs and beds become the centre of a universe of style and exclusivity.